Why Business Class PT



. . . I help Gentlemen get the shape, strength and health that reflect their successful character. . .

Do you have lot’s of time to spend in the gym?

Do you have enough time and energy after long day running your business to prepare meals?

If the answer is NO, I can help you.

Business Class Personal Training is about being effective using simple, proven techniques. Working for 10 years in fitness industry, as a trainer, fitness manager and general club manager I learned a lot what works and what is a waste of time.

Being healthy and strong will give you great feeling when you play whole day long with kids during holidays and your woman can relax.

Being healthy and strong will give you amazing feeling when kids are in bed and you and your love one can relax together.

You are one step from health, strength and shape you will be proud of for long years, starting right now.

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