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More you train, better results you get, less you pay. 


One-on-one individual training session in the gym:

First Class Package: For the busiest but most disciplined: 1x week (+ your commitment to train on your own 2x week with tailored plan)

World Class Package: 2x week (+ your commitment to add 1x week, most popular)

Master Plan: 3-4x week (of course you can train more by yourself, most effective pathway)

All packages include:

  • free towel and water for every one-on-one training session
  • nutrition analysis, improvement and control
  • supplement advice
  • ongoing follow-up, feedback and support
  • fortnightly weekend stretching team session

Online Business Class Training launching soon.


Which solution suits you best?

Get professional advice and individually tailored training plan after analysing your: needs, abilities, possibilities, restrictions, to get you toward  your goals.

Stay on track keeping the contact during follow-ups. Check your progress, ask questions, be inspired to achieve more. Be 100% sure that you move in right direction.

Book in your consultation to get more information.

No time and can’t commit because of changing schedule and business trips?

ONLINE COACHING is a solution for you.

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