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The more you workout, the better results you get, less you pay. 

One-on-one individual training session in the private training room or local park:

First Class Package: For the busiest but most disciplined: 1x week (+ your commitment to train on your own 2x week with tailored plan)

World Class Package: 2x week (+ your commitment to add 1x week, most popular)

Master Plan: 3-4x week (of course you can train more by yourself, the most effective pathway)

All packages include:

  • free towel and water for every one-on-one training session
  • nutrition analysis, improvement and control
  • supplement advice
  • ongoing follow-up, feedback and support

Which solution suits you best?

Get professional advice and individually tailored training plan after analysing your: needs, abilities, possibilities, restrictions, to get you towards your goals.

Stay on track by keeping the contact during follow-ups. Check your progress, ask questions, be inspired to achieve more. Be 100% sure that you move in right direction.

Book in your consultation to get more information.

No time and can’t commit because of changing schedule and business trips?

ONLINE COACHING is a solution for you.

Live zoom sessions available with guidance, feedback, motivation and moving towards improvement in form and fitness level. Training plans prepared for you with monthly check up for most motivated.

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