Burning fat is simple

    You need to burn more than you eat. Simple. Sometimes not easy, but simple. Does it always work? No. It would be too easy. If you have hormonal problems that you are not aware of, it can affect your metabolism. Level of stress/cortisol does the same. I know examples when people (even me... Continue Reading →

8 methods to overcome winter mood.

It is colder. It is windy. Bed feels so good. I got it. Some of us may suffer from "no summer" season. But we need to survive it somehow without turning into marshmallow, soft and fluffy creature. "Summer bodies are made in winter" 👈💪👌. 1. Create a plan of regular activities, tick as completed every... Continue Reading →

Men’s breakfast

Ladies! You will benefit from it too. The fact that we are busy building our empire does't mean we can eat rubbish. This fuel won't last for long. We are looking for fuel that will: keep us full for long give energy to brain and muscles won't give energy lowdown (glucose-insulin spike and energy drop... Continue Reading →

Sexy Flexi

Stretching, mobility, flexibility, rolling, yoga... what do you do to: ⭐ make your muscles recover faster ⭐ move better ⭐ improve range of motion in squats, dead lifts ⭐ keep your joints healthy ⭐ avoid stiffness after heavy lifting ⭐ prevent back, knees, neck pain ⭐ kick 2m above the floor... We lift iron, muscles... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk building a good body.

We want to have athletic, nice shaped body. We see guys lifting heavy and want look similar. I started the same. I wanted look like this, so I started. And you know what? I'm still on my way. Road will be long. Don't expect anything fast. CONSISTENCY. PERSISTENCE. FOCUS. In few months from now you... Continue Reading →

Hybrid method for faster gains

How to lift to get faster results? Many methods, many trainers, not many answers. Because I believe that man should be strong and self-confident I will shere with you the method I use for few months now, that gave me better quality of overall muscle mass and shape. Hybrid method is a combination of power... Continue Reading →

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