Throw diet to rubbish

Forget about diet. Throw counting calories to the rubbish. Unfollow all diet insta gurus. Eat as much as you can!! The products that SERVE YOU. We "like" things that we eat often because we made a habit of eating those things. Slowly add new products to your diet and your taste will change. Forever. Pick... Continue Reading →

Vegetarians – Carnivores 1:0

Maybe you have heard before, maybe not yet, but it seems like vegetarians are healthier than regular meat eaters. All researches show it and prove it. Damn it! But why? Is not eating meat healthier than eating meat? Probably this is what you think right now. But it's not a point. Meat or not to... Continue Reading →

Article for non-average people.

"In today's busy life we don't have time to do what we love and celebrate our passions" said nobody who achieved greatness and happiness in their life. So many average people have average excuses to not go beyond they average life. You read this article which means you have a spark inside you that can... Continue Reading →

Every man must workout

Civilization makes us weak. We drive, we work from home on laptops, even buy groceries online so other guy will put it at your door. Few years ago carrying shopping bags was forcing you to be active. Now what? Where is the strong, brave man ready to be there for the ones he loves? People... Continue Reading →

We don’t want to die-t

Word “diet” contain other shorter word which we are not fans of: “die”. Maybe not by mistake.   If you are looking for eating pattern that will help you lose fat and support muscle building and staying in shape and health, there must be 1 condition to meet: you need to be able to maintain... Continue Reading →

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