Throw diet to rubbish

Forget about diet.

Throw counting calories to the rubbish.

Unfollow all diet insta gurus.

Eat as much as you can!!
The products that SERVE YOU.

We “like” things that we eat often because we made a habit of eating those things.
Slowly add new products to your diet and your taste will change.

Pick one product from list and add to your DAILY menu:
1. 50 – 75g of nuts
2. Bowl of roasted veggies
3. Big apple or grapefruit
4. Protein smoothie with fresh fruits
5. Portion of mixed beans or lentils (can be falafel if not from restaurant where is fried)
6. Oats + blueberries + plain yoghurt
7. Grilled salmon/organic meat + greens

Keep your pick for 2 weeks eating everyday. If you eat it 10x in 2 weeks you are a winner.
After two weeks add another one.

This way you can create habit of eating good food and you will slowly replace products that don’t serve you.

No strict diet.
One meal after another.
Even when you are out and with hangover.

Ask me anything if you need assistance 👍

Business Class PT


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