How to start being healthy and fit in few steps

Two main reasons why about 70% of population don’t exercise and eat well is: “I have no time” and “I have no motivation”.

So how to overcome those challenges?

See, when something is hard and challenging, it’s worth it and it gives a great feeling of accomplishment when we did it. But to start is hard. Our brains have old emergency system, deep inside, that protects us from danger. Brain works hard to keep you “safe”. Starting anything new is read as a danger. How we will feel? Will it hurt? Can I do it? Is it worth it?

Those questions that are sent to your mind from the deep parts of your brain were working really well thousands years ago when there was danger outside. Staying in cave was safe. Now, staying in cave on couch in front of TV is not safe. But brain didn’t catch the changes in the world.

STEP 1 – No time

How long it takes to exercise to be healthy, feel better and even look better? 1 hour? 45 minutes? Maybe 30?

I like train for 2 h but I love it! When you enjoy the process you don’t count the time.

Start from MAXIMIUM 20 min. Sounds easy? Go for a run and keep up the speed for 20 min. You will do about 4-5 km. How about doing 10 push ups, 20 squats and 20 leg walk plank for 20 min non stop? I bet you will do breaks after few minutes and will be sore for two days.

We overthink instead of starting from small steps and keep the momentum!

STEP 2 – Motivation

Change should into must. You must go to work. You have no choice. Say to yourself that you must exercise. Because you do! Diet based diseases are main cause of many types of cancer, heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes. Problem is we don’t care. Until your father die at age of 57 because of heart attack or best friend got bowel cancer (crap food – no fiber based diet). Mindset is everything. If you realize how big the problem is and how little time left, motivation shows up. Usually to late…

You can live long, happy, energetic, powerful life! But you must move and eat what heals you.

STEP 3 – Everyday

Not 2 x week not 3. at least 4 aiming to 6-7 x week. Why? The more often you move, the faster it gets in to your habit. We are busy. I know.

  1. Wake up
  2. Have a black coffee
  3. Start moving. 10 – 20 min only! Put shoes on, go for a SLOW and EASY run. Start yoga moves from child pose, table top, down dog, maybe warrior? It is as simple as that.

Committing to 100% is easier than 98%. You want to stop eating sweets? Cut sugar 100%. No weekend, no birthday. Use erythriol, stevia, fruits (fresh). When you say to yourself “I don’t eat chocolate” your body understands it. This is commitment. Speak to your brain. Be strong saying that. Answer fast.

Want some chocolate?

No thanks!

Boom! End of conversation.

3 steps.

I must move for 10-20 min, everyday, in the morning.

Morning is the easiest way to start. After work we sometimes have “stuff” to do and workout goes to rubbish bin.

Don’t die in your late 40’s or 50’s because you didn’t have time and power of will. We can rewire the brain and start doing things we have never done before. It keeps your brain younger, makes you happier, makes you live longer. But you MUST be your own BOSS.

Excuses are for little boys.

We are brave and strong people who lead own path in this world.

Let me know if you like it. Share and comment to make it visible and useful for all those people who need to start now!


Pawel Zerebiecki

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