3 important reasons why you can’t lose weight, which you don’t realize

Screenshot_20190420-162308_2To do cardio or not to do? Cardio after weights? Low carb diet? Maybe Keto? Paleo??? Running is the best. No! Weights and carb cycle! He lost 12 kg on cabbage diet. But she finished in hospital after high protein diet…

Do you have the same? More shows up at “your news feed wall” less you know and harder to find reliable information. This is the problem of too much information. Too much of anything is not healthy.

Today I will give you 3 tips. Even if you won’t lose weight, you know what? You will be healthier, happier, your brain will work more efficient, you will live longer and you will have more energy during day and night to use on whatever you want! I will make it short:

1. Stress is making you fat.

How? Cortisol level when increased for long period of time lowers your testosterone level. Higher testosterone level = more muscles, less fat, better libido, longer life.

How to fight it? Change job? Not yet. Start from meditation. Sit in a quiet place, back straight, shoulders relaxed, long neck, chin in. Breath slowly through nose. Concentrate only on breath. NOTHING ELSE. When thought start to run around, come back to breath. Set up alarm for 6 minutes, then increase to 10. That’s enough! You can also go for a short walk in nature. Don’t look at your phone during walk. Look around. 15 minutes.

2. Second brain – your gut.

Bacteria in your gut produce lot of different hormones. Hormones are responsible for regulating your mood, metabolism, health.

How to fix it? High sugar diet kills good bacteria in gut. We need to rebuild it. Eat a bit of fermented products like sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, natural probiotic yoghurt. Can be goat if you avoid cow’s milk or coconut if you don’t eat dairy (like me).

3. Lack of sleep.

We are coming back to never-ending cortisol story. Less than 6 hours of sleep lowers testosterone, increases estrogen (we want have balance, they work against each other), can be related to leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone produced by fat cells which when they are full should send signal to brain to stop eating because body has enough energy. Leptin resistance is when this signal doesn’t work and we are hungry even when fat cells are full.

How to fox it? Meditate 😉 It helps with good sleep patterns. Slowly but consistently start going to sleep bit earlier. Don’t use phones in bed. Right before sleep all electric devices are keeping the brain awake. Read a book instead or listen to chilled music in half-light room.

4. BONUS. Fat makes you fat… Leptin resistance develop when you are getting overweight. Too mush fat in the body (fat cells are active and produce hormones that works against you!) makes you fat even more.

Stand in front of the mirror and make a decision, does your body need another beer to “relax after work” or it needs kick in the a*s from someone who can take health in strong hands.

Your hands.

Start to fight it ASAP.

Pawel Z

Business Class PT

Strength. Health. Character

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