Vegetarians – Carnivores 1:0

Maybe you have heard before, maybe not yet, but it seems like vegetarians are healthier than regular meat eaters. All researches show it and prove it.

Damn it!

But why? Is not eating meat healthier than eating meat?

Probably this is what you think right now. But it’s not a point.

Meat or not to meat?

Listen closely to hear the old known truth, that your grandma and mum was telling you when you were younger. But you didn’t listen.

Vegetables. Veggies. Greens. Plants!

“Eat your veggies”!

If our parents would say: “Eat your veggies so your muscles will grow big and you will have better gains” we would listen.

So listen now.  Here are few tips we can all learn from those who doesn’t eat burgers:

  • Because vegetarians don’t eat meat they are looking for other sources of protein which makes their diet more varied. Pea protein, hemp seed, pumpkin seed, nuts and other seeds. Trying to find good protein sources you can pack much more different nutrients on your plate. Steak is amazing but not as nourishing as mix of few ingredients together.
  • Eating more plants makes your diet automatically richer in fiber. Fiber is a great tool to lower your glucose level, lower cholesterol level, makes your gut healthy, prevent from colorectal cancer, makes you full for longer which makes easier to regulate body mass, bind part of fat you eat and get rid of it. Fiber is amazing!
  • Vegetarian meals are usually much more varied and have more ingredients. In nutrition, more different substances means more vitamins, minerals, health value in general. We have chicken, rice, few veggies, olive oil and we are happy, when typical vegetarian meal is made from many different vegetables, grains, only for them known products, seeds… The more variety the better!
  • Colors!!! Every single color is different nutrient, antioxidant, vitamin, valuable substance. We got steak + broccoli and we are happy 😀 More colors on your plate healthier you get. It is as simple as that.
  • And in the and, unfortunately plants accumulate less toxins than meat. Pesticides are easier to wash off than toxins accumulated in meat for few months / ages of animal lifetime. That’s why big, predatory fish have more toxins and metals in their meat because during they lifetime they eat lot of smaller fish and all this toxic stuff accumulates in their bodies.

There  are just a few reasons, but not all of benefits of EATING MORE VEGETABLES and making your diet colorful, varied and interesting. Yes, I didn’t say benefits of not eating meat. Eating meat is not a problem. Eating not enough vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts makes us not as healthy as we could be. Vegetarians live longer too.

Damn it again!!

“Eat your veggies if you want to get a dessert!”

Pawel Z

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