What you should know about not doing abs crunches anymore

We train abdominal muscles because we know strong core is important.

And this is true.

As we know there is no best exercise for everyone because everyone is different and need personal, tailored plan to work on weaknesses that need to be addressed specifically. Because I help people who work in different businesses and building their own successful brands, we will focus here on those hard working individuals.

Main thing that connects those people is spending lot of time sitting and working on computer/phone, business meetings, travelling. Sitting is a new smoking. Human body is not made to sit and this is unnatural position for our bodies, spine, hormone system, muscles and more. So let’s analyze what’s happening here. When we sit back is curved, legs are bent in knees and hips, shoulders are reaching forward as well as head, core + glutes muscles are not active.

Does doing sit ups or crunches which imitate exactly same rounded position will benefit us? NO. Cyclists who spend hours on bike with rounded back are doing opposite movements: back extensions, upward dog pose from yoga. We want to balance the position with opposite direction. Why are we doing crunches after whole day of sitting? Should’t we do opposite?

So how to strengthen the core and get health benefits from it, feel stronger and look better? Plank is the answer. We must strengthen core in position that supports natural spine shape. Arm lift plank, leg walk plank, superman plank, back extensions, hips bridges… If majority of your core work is built from those, yes you can add few crunches to feel the burn in your six pack.

That’s why understanding needs and lifestyle of each client is so important to prepare right plan that will benefit long term.

Last thing and the most important is: how do you do plank? If you need short video with explanation let me know, and we will see what can be done 🙂 You shouldn’t feel any lower back discomfort during plank. Core engaged, glutes active, arms pushing the floor away…

So gentlemen, add few plank variations in your training routine and enjoy the progress of your spine health, better posture and improved physique. With better mood, fitness level and health, all business meetings are yours!

Leave me a comment what can be done to make you feel and look amazing.


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“Strength. Health. Character”

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