Article for non-average people.

“In today’s busy life we don’t have time to do what we love and celebrate our passions” said nobody who achieved greatness and happiness in their life.

So many average people have average excuses to not go beyond they average life.

You read this article which means you have a spark inside you that can ignite the flame of burning desire to achieve more.

Kicking ourselves out of habits, held strong by our brains, can make us happy, new, passionate about life again.

I encourage you to go beyond. Do something you’ve never done before. Train more that you have never trained. Read more than ever.

Doing new things builds new connections in your brain, making you younger and healthier.

My challenge now is to train more and elevate my fitness level higher than ever.



Lagree. ( )

Tae Kwon Do.

Body Pump.



Because small achievements in whatever field release good hormones that make you feel good about who you are.

Feeling good is a human ultimate goal.

Being better in something and seeing results makes you believe in yourself, be confident in life.

We feel stronger, we are winners!

So what you are going to do now, after reading this article?

Join my group of great men who do what it takes to win in life:


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