Every man must workout

Civilization makes us weak.

We drive, we work from home on laptops, even buy groceries online so other guy will put it at your door. Few years ago carrying shopping bags was forcing you to be active.

Now what? Where is the strong, brave man ready to be there for the ones he loves?

People getting injured lifting suitcase when travelling. Discs slip when lifting a pen from a bag. You will hardly see people in park who throw the ball normal way without using this plastic device to catch the ball. It is sad.

We climb the stairs of career (using escalators), make money, buy new electronic gadgets which make us sick and weak.

Don’t go this path! How you want to play footy with kids on weekend? Will you throw the ball with plastic stick? Or hire “Uber Footy” to do it for you? How you want to go hiking with lovely wife, in mountains, on holidays, if you will get heart attack after 2 km walk?

And this is serious.

Men under 40 getting heart attacks, have problems with heart and dying young because of lack of physical activity and poor diet. Both those elements are 100% under your control.

Be strong.

Be healthy.

Be the man.

Join our community of active men here:


Pawel Z

Business Class Personal Trainer


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