How to make your tailored suit look good on her bedroom floor

suit couple

This article is not about how to fold clothes.

Actually in some life situations folding clothes is last thing we should be doing right now.

We love high quality materials, tailored cut and details. But when lights go down, the best quality and tailored shape should be under the suit.

We want to look good. Even if it’s not your first place goal right now, we always wish that it would be good to look better. Yes, health is important! In long distance run everybody who exercise will be healthier from those who don’t, no doubt. Even if you go to gym to grow biceps, you are getting fit and healthy.

Do you want your partner, wife, girlfriend to look good? Sure you want! Would you like her to lose few kg? Don’t tell her even if you think so! Your life may end in agony.

Stand in front of the mirror and look for a few seconds. Are you attractive for your partner? Are you The Man that she admired or something has changed in last few years? Career, family, business. Did it left marks on your look?

Of course the appearance is not the most important aspect in relationship. But it doesn’t mean it’s not important. Accepting extra kg’s and fact that you have been in the gym 9 times in last financial year “because you have been busy” is not a good start to healthy and long life, being happy and proud by her side at the seaside on holidays and being her hero.

Men dies earlier. We don’t fight with swords anymore, we don’t need to protect her from lions in the bush. Or we do? There are many lions in the woods right there…

Men dies earlier because we don’t care about our health. If it doesn’t hurt we don’t check it.

Starting to care about your health, training regularly, eating healthy food and changing what you prioritize in life can literally change your life. Sex life too!

She want you to be strong, healthy and sexy! I know it. Do you?

If you are looking for advice and support in achieving strong, manly physique and top quality under the suit join our fitness community: 

This is a place for men who know what they want and they get it.

Self confidence is the best suit.


Business Class PT

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