We don’t want to die-t

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Word “diet” contain other shorter word which we are not fans of: “die”. Maybe not by mistake.
If you are looking for eating pattern that will help you lose fat and support muscle building and staying in shape and health, there must be 1 condition to meet: you need to be able to maintain your diet for years.
I hear lots of statements that “this diet is good short term for….” put your goal here. And what’s next? What if you stop and come back to your regular eating habits?
What we are looking for is a long term, sustainable way to go through life, eating tasty, being healthy and looking good, right? And we are clever enough to know that shortcuts and 3 weeks programs are crap.
So I am fan of making things easy. I used to count macros and using scale. It is still important to know how much you consume but to be honest, you don’t need to be dietitian to know that cup of oats will get you there faster than half of pizza, right?
Start from protein in your meal and you don’t need to be super strict. Just know that if meat is more fatty, don’t add other fats in big amounts. Chicken breast and thighs, beef, lamb, pork, duck, whole eggs, mozzarella cheese. More fat you have already, less carbs you add on top of it, simple. Include legumes, they are good balanced source of slow carbs + protein.
If you have fatty meat (pork apart of ham, fat beef, chicken thighs, whole eggs, duck prepared with skin) don’t add more fat than spoon of cold pressed oil. If meat is lean you can add more. We have oils here, nuts, seeds, avocado.
Fist size of slow released carbs (full grains) and fill up plate with vegetables.
For those who like math 30% of energy can come from protein, 30% from fat and 40% carbs. Of course it will vary between lifestyles and goals but nowadays we tend to have 60% of carbs, 20-30% fats and 10-20% protein. I am fan of carbohydrates but as long as you don’t train in the gym 5 times a week or train endurance sport or work physically you won’t be able to burn it.
Simple? Yes.
My last advice, pick as natural food as possible, the less ingredients on package the better.
Hope this quick guidance helps a little. Post your comment and share with your mates who can benefit from it. 👍

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