Burning fat is simple



You need to burn more than you eat. Simple.

Sometimes not easy, but simple. Does it always work?


It would be too easy. If you have hormonal problems that you are not aware of, it can affect your metabolism. Level of stress/cortisol does the same. I know examples when people (even me before competitions) are on strict, calorie controlled diet training more than 2 h a day and body doesn’t move.

Why? If body is under constant stress with LACK OF SLEEP (usually less than 6-7 hours every day) your body is on survival mode. In stressed conditions your body wants to keep energy, not waste it. It is more likely to burn protein from your muscles (this is not what we are after).

But let’s say your hormones are fine, you sleep ok, you train a bit (3 x week).

Do you need to count your food intake?


Why? We usually eat the same everyday. We are victims of our habits. Our brain won’t waste energy to find new recipe for every meal day in day out. We all actually have same eating patterns every day (except weekend when we have weekly patterns of destroying our effort from the whole week).

So what do you need to do?

DO 1 SMALL CHANGE in one meal.

Yes. One meal.

If you know you eat huge high carb dinner (pasta, mountain of stir fry rice, burger and chips) change one thing. Double size of vegetables, reduce amount of carbs. Reduce, don’t cut at all! Wee need carbs for heavy training.


After two weeks add another small change.

Simple? Yes.

Easy? Too!

I personally like eating pattern which is called intermittent fasting.

I used to bulk/shred/bulk/shred every year, my body was changing from M to L. From the time I started IF diet, (it is not really diet, you just skip breakfast) I first lost 3 kg and got visible 6 pack, I keep my lean physique until then, and now even when I’m 2 kg heavier again, I’m still lean and got my abs in decent condition.

To not tell you about hormone details and medical researched background how it (theoretically) works and why, I will make it as simple as possible (I like simple and effective solutions):

In the morning I have black coffee with sweetener (erythriol with stevia called “Natvia”), 3 days of week I have Bodypump class fasted (weighted cardio). I eat first meal at 11-12, have 3-4 meals and 8 pm eat last meal.

I tried different diets and methods and this simple breakfast skip allows me to be focused in the morning, stay lean all the time and have big (but healthy) meals during the day. Win-win! Apart of bit empty stomach feeling in the morning I’m not hungry during a day. NEVER.

And I train everyday.

Yes sir, every day. 7 days a week. 4 days Body pump, 3 days hybrid of bodybuilding and power lifting (that’s why I put on muscles staying lean).

For every human being walking on this planet (and reading my articles) I recommend being ACTIVE everyday, minimum 5 days a week. Gym 2-3 x a week plus other activities: swimming, running, boxing, yoga, fitness classes, hiking, you name it, do what you LOVE.

Want more details? Do you want more tips and advice? Just ask for it and I will tell you bit of my secrets and tips that I’ve collected as a trainer and fitness competitor for last 10 years.

I’m here to help men get stronger, look great and feel amazing.

Self-confidence is the best suit 😉


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All the best


Business Class PT


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