8 methods to overcome winter mood.

It is colder. It is windy. Bed feels so good.

I got it. Some of us may suffer from “no summer” season. But we need to survive it somehow without turning into marshmallow, soft and fluffy creature. “Summer bodies are made in winter” 👈💪👌.

1. Create a plan of regular activities, tick as completed every time you did it. For next 100 days, plan to train 50x. Tick the box when you achieved that. It produce dopamine in brain, we feel good when we complete the task.

2. Go out. Every weekend go for a long walk, breathe fresh air, get more oxygen to your brain. Sea during winter looks as amazing as during summer. You can still surf.

3. Remember that after workout YOU WILL ALWAYS feel good. Better than before. If you don’t feel like going for a training, DO IT! Your body needs it. You will feel great, I promise you.

4. Sign up to something that will motivate you. Being part of community, team helps. You have paid the fee, you go and do it. 8 weeks boxing camp. Running squad. 3x week yoga classes. Commitment to something works. We are better when something motivate us, than we need to make decision ourselves.

5. Do “everyday challenge”. For next 60 days do something everyday. Run 5km. Do 50 push ups. 100 crunches. 5min skipping. 3min plank. Everyday. Dopamine will help you.

6. Find training buddy. If you both commit to regular training it will sound stupid to cancel because you are tired, it’s cold, moon is full or other bulls#@t.

7. DO WHAT YOU LIKE. I go to the gym because I like it. I don’t need motivation to go. I want to go. Find activities that you enjoy the most.

8. Change should to must. Talk to yourself that you must go out. You must go to the class. You must train. Your subconscious mind react better when something is urgent and important. “Should” never worked.


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