Men’s breakfast


Ladies! You will benefit from it too.

The fact that we are busy building our empire does’t mean we can eat rubbish. This fuel won’t last for long. We are looking for fuel that will:

  • keep us full for long
  • give energy to brain and muscles
  • won’t give energy lowdown (glucose-insulin spike and energy drop after)
  • is healthy and tasty
  • is fast and convenient

My proposition for you is: eggs with avocado and tomatoes.

Yes, this is that simple.

Yes, forget about toast.

Eggs – high protein and fat content gives us feeling of satiety for few hours. No addition of carbs simply doesn’t rises glucose level in blood that’s why we don’t feel energy drop after. 4 eggs = about 24g protein, 28g fat. Sounds much energy but together with avocado this meal won’t get over 500-600kcal and should last for 4 hours without being hungry (individual factor, some guys are always hungry). Scrambled, poached, from pan with few olive oil drops, how you want it.

Avocado – good fats, good taste (with Himalayan salt, black pepper, lemon juice smashed together).

Tomatoes – low energy, high water + lycopene: one of the most important antioxidant for men which protects prostate from cancer. Chopped and mixed with avocado.

That’t it.

End of the article.

Not really.

High fat and protein first meal of the day (if coffee has no milk and sugar) makes our HGH – Human growth hormone level higher for longer after nigh fasting, which help to burn fat and recover muscles (we train, right?).

No carbs in breakfast does’t spike insulin which is good too. If you add carbs but you have sitting work and you rise glucose level in blood fast – adding orange juice for example, insulin will drop it and store as a fat with other part of your breakfast.  We don’t want that.

Protein and fat meals work well with staying high with testosterone too. Sugars and alcohol unfortunately work opposite way.

Now it is end of article.

If you like this manly-diet content, feel free to join my professional FB groups for active men who want more strength and health going together with their character.

Search for: ‘Gentlemen Fitness Coaching’ group at FB.

Enjoy your eggs with avocado!

Pawel Zerebiecki

Business Class PT

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