Sitting is Killing. Read if you sit long hours at work.

Health specialist even say: sitting is new smoking. That doesn’t sound good.

Sitting long part of the day impacts your mood, energy level, posture, even hormone system. Sitting position is not natural for human body. We are designed to stand, walk, run, sit in low squat position “hindi squat”, or to lay down when sleeping.

I should say that newest research says… But no, I felt it on myself when I become general fitness club manager of my gym.

From super active, all day walking and moving type of work I needed to sit down to emails, phone, invoices, in stressing environment. Teaching Body Pump 3 times a week saved my life.

How my body changed during this time? After whole day of office work I was much more tired than after doing 10 PT sessions a day. My mood was really low, sometimes I didn’t feel like going to my own training because I didn’t have will power to do so.

I felt stiff, my legs were heavy, there was a constant tension around shoulders and my lower back wasn’t happy too. I lost lot’s of my strength and muscle mass that was so hard to gain training constantly for years before this role.

So what we can do and how we should train to be healthy, strong, live longer and stay energised?

Rule number one: Move at work. Stand up every 45-60 minutes, do some stretching, go for a glass of water. Researches show that even if you train in gym regularly but sit all day you are still in high risk group of diseases connected to sedentary lifestyle.

Rule number two: Exercise in way which strengthen and mobilise your body opposite to sitting. In a nutshell: stretch hamstrings, hip flexors, chest muscles. Strengthen core, lower back, lower traps (shoulder blades back and down) and glutes. Of course you need stretch them as well after workout.

Because we roll shoulders forward (boxing fighters posture) when we sit at the desk, we must focus on activation muscles in the upper back and stretching the front. Heavy chest press won’t be a good idea because it will make situation even worse. Front of the body needs opening. We do pull movements that develop good balance comparing to the front of the body.

Core strength is the core of your workout. Stay away from crunches and sit ups (wo don’t want to roll the spine forward again), focus on core activation in neutral spine position (look at the photo): planks, side planks and other variations, lower back extensions, balance positions training core functionally.

Don’t worry if some of those phrases are not familiar. It is my job to prescribe the right exercises to the person who needs it, explain it and teach proper execution.

I still think that I have the best job in the world. I help people get healthier, live longer, I make them proud from their achievements and progress. I know how good it feels to be happy and confident because of our abilities and skills. We don’t train to look good. We do it to FEEL good. Looking better is just a side effect that makes us feel better and improves self-confidence. A lot.

If you liked the article and you are interested in solution for your health improvement, let me know. I work with my clients one-on-one as well as I am about to launch Business Class Training online service for entrepreneurs and gentlemen who lost a bit of fitness level, fighting for the best place, running for few years in a business marathon. In two-three weeks the product will be ready to run. You can be the first to see and feel its benefits.

Stand up, stretch, move.

Be strong and look great.


Pawel Zerebiecki

Business Class Personal Trainer


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