Sexy Flexi

Stretching, mobility, flexibility, rolling, yoga… what do you do to:
⭐ make your muscles recover faster
⭐ move better
⭐ improve range of motion in squats, dead lifts
⭐ keep your joints healthy
⭐ avoid stiffness after heavy lifting
⭐ prevent back, knees, neck pain
⭐ kick 2m above the floor…

We lift iron, muscles grow but get less flexible if we don’t stretch them.
Sitting job,
driving car,
wrong position when sitting,
hanging with head over smartphone.

IMG_20190409_220203_700.jpgYou can get better shape, lift more comfortably, move better, do your sports with less injuries, have no back pain. All those are in your reach. And you don’t even need to sweat to achieve it. Maybe a little if you’re super stiff 😉

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