Let’s talk building a good body.

We want to have athletic, nice shaped body.

We see guys lifting heavy and want look similar.
I started the same. I wanted look like this, so I started. And you know what? I’m still on my way.
Road will be long. Don’t expect anything fast.


In few months from now you will have better shape, bigger chest, stronger body. “Only” what you need to do is training with good technique 3-5x week, eat lot’s of good, unprocessed food, give yourself some sleep, rest and stretching.


It was really good to see after few months of weight training that my client lost 6cm in waist, build 3cm in chest and 1cm in arms. With almost same body weight.

Focus on your goal week in, week out. Get stronger every time. Use different techniques that targets muscle with many angles.
Don’t stick to same routine, do small changes.
Eat you protein, load your slow carbs, give yourself good fats and colorful fruits and veggies.

Don’t party too much. Alcohol increases estrogen level in male body. We don’t want that.
I said too much 😉

If you are not sure if you do things right, ask. Intro session available.
See you at the bar 🏋️

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