Hybrid method for faster gains

screenshot_20190315-143425How to lift to get faster results?

Many methods, many trainers, not many answers.

Because I believe that man should be strong and self-confident I will shere with you the method I use for few months now, that gave me better quality of overall muscle mass and shape.

Hybrid method is a combination of power lifting and bodybuilding training systems. Both have different impact on the body and give you different benefits. I know that mixing them will give you good results.

No more asking questions what is better, lifting heavy or volume training.

I personally use 3 heavy lifts when I go to 4-1 rep max: squats, dead lift, dumbbell chest press (more beneficial when it goes to building chest than bench press, but you can use bench press as well). But I also train separately handstand push ups (10-5 rep range) so shoulders are involved during my “warm up” set of 20 handstand push ups đŸ˜‰

After warm up (10 min cardio + hips mobility, thoracic spine twists, ankle mobility, shoulder stability…) start with your heavy exercise going from 15-12 reps down until you reach 5-2 rep range and perform 5-3 sets of heavy, big effort lifts. I gave you different ranges because I go in chest press down to 5-4 reps when dead lift I go to 1 rep max.

After your main strength building exercise you continue your training with high volume 12-8 reps training for other muscles.

Yes, you will be tired.


Day 1: Squat heavy + hamstrings, calves, triceps

Day 2: Dumbbell chest press heavy + chest, biceps high volume

Day 3: Dead lifts heavy + upper back, shoulders high volume

High volume is 2-3 other exercises 12-8 reps in set.

Heavy lifts are building strength but also adapting your nervous system for overload when you struggle with last sets in bodybuilding sets. Squats, dead lifts and presses gives you strong base for going heavier in other exercises when posterior chain need to be strong and stable.

If you want to learn more about this technique and try it with me, book a session through contact form, insta or mail and I will guide you.

Few of my current clients are already in it, progressing with strength every 1-2 weeks as well as getting better and more confident with operating with heavy loads.

Make your body represent your character

Pawel Z

Business Class Personal Trainer


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