9 things you need to know to be super fit-healthy


Let’s start!!

1. Exercise everyday.Your body is designed to move. Even if it doesn’t look like now 😉 Gym, running, yoga, Pilates, stretching, long walk. Just move. Sitting whole day is the worst that may happen to you.
2. Strength, cardio, flexibility.
Those 3 elements is a MUST if you want to develop healthy, strong, long living body. Strengthen it, stretch it and give your heart and lungs a kick as well. Cardio doesn’t mean you need to run for miles. Boxing class, functional circuit.. Reach over 80% of your max heart rate.
3. Calm your mind.
From stressful work we stress body with heavy training and get back home to shouting kids… When your cortisol is high, don’t expect best performance and good mood. But injuries and problems are standing by your door. 10 minutes a day of slow, deep breathing, sitting in park, chill music, slow pace activity you enjoy.
4. Eat what your body needs.
Not what your habits are telling you. „I need to eat something sweet for energy”… „It’s winter so we are NATURALLY eating more”… „I can’t leave the rest on my plate, it is wasting food”… And other bull s*#t like that. Bit of meat, fish, eggs. Nuts every day. Vegetables and fruits. Olives and avocados. Oats, full grains, seeds.
5. Fruits make you healthy.
More colours is better. Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, mango, apples, orange, grapefruit, kiwi, grapes. Every colour is a different nutrient that is beneficial for your body. Vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, bio flavonoids, they are all there.
6. Challenge your body.
Sometimes we need to step out of comfort zone to feel it. Run bit faster than usually, lift heavier, stretch for longer. Let your body adapt fo changing conditions that are harder than during session before.
7. You don’t need to run.
Running is healthy for healthy people. Sometimes your body shouldn’t run. Spine issues, muscle disproportion, joint problems. Don’t say that running is most effective and if you can’t run you can’t get leaner and lose weight. Do what you can and what doesn’t hurt you.
8. Don’t overeat.
As long as you are not on building muscle bodybuilding routine, eating less is good. Nowadays we eat too much. Your digestion system works whole day. Give it a break. When you are a bit hungry your brain turns in to an active mode. Small brain stress „where is the food, how can I find it” makes you work better and clearer. When you digest from 6am until 9pm your body is too busy to use natural processes to heal and recover. No, you won’t burn muscles 🙂
9. Smile often and create good mood + after workout you feel better.
Happy people live longer. And they are not happy because they have better life. Their life is better because they smile more often. You create your mood. You need to know that after workout you will ALWAYS feel better than before. If you don’t feel like training, GO AND TRAIN! because this will make you feel good and put you in better mood. It’s your hormone response. You can’t cheat it.

Your turn to make yourself strong, healthy and happy 🏋️🍎😁

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