Now all 11 fruits that make you fat

The truth is one, too much sugar makes you fat. Sugar is number one substance that you should avoid when you fight for a better body by getting rid of the fat you don’t want.

You train hard, try different diets, looking for tips and advice so your effort won’t be wasted.

When we were kids we’ve been told to eat vegetables and fruits because they are healthy. But now we are confused because we hear from different sources, from different fitness gurus, youtubers and who knows from were, that we should avoid fruits because they contain fructose.

Fructose is now treated as one of the most common eating mistakes in big world. Sparkling drinks are sweetened with fructose syrup, “sugar-free” products contains fructose, you can even find protein powder with fructose instead of sugar.

So here is the truth!!!

I will list all fruits that you should avoid if you want to be healthy and look good. Hey, everyone wants this!

Here is the whole list starting from the worst:






Did you get it?

All those fruits??

Oh, you don’t see any on the list? Guess why?

BECAUSE fruits won’t make you fat!!! 

Don’t blame fruits…

They are packed with vitamins, fibre, antioxidants, enzymes, anti inflammation substances. You can find in fruits lot’s of substances that will make you live longer in better health, feeling great and looking better (vit C and flavonoids keep your skin looking good).

Fructose which is bad is from processed corn syrup. It is made by human and being added to highly processed food. Fructose which occurs in fruits and is eaten together with water, fibre, vitamins will never make you fat. Because we eat fruit as whole package of goodness.

Have you ever meet in you life a person who said: I gain fat because of eating too much fruits? I didn’t. Someone may say that but it’s half of the truth. We get fat because of eating too much. Too much of everything. And moving to little.

These days you may here different strange things from gurus, specialists and instagram stars. Most of “best diets”, amazing tips and secrets are a joke. There are many training routines and diet patterns that were working for last 50 years for those who used them. Now we are told they are not working anymore. How come? They were working then, they are working now. Human body didn’t change.

Be consistent.

Follow the plan.

Eat natural, unprocessed, nutritious food.

Train with weights to make your body stronger and look better.

Do cardio (YES, do cardio) to make your heart healthy and strong, lungs working well, have stamina and condition.

Stretch and mobilise to not be stiff after sitting work and trainings too.

All those tips are not a rocket science.

Fruits are one of the most important foods you need to have in your eating plan.


Vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, eggs, fish, meat, full grains, cold pressed oils. I bet you won’t have any problems controlling your body weight if your diet will be based on those products.

Keep eye on portions to not overeat, but don’t blame fruits for God sake!

Never again.

PS. One apple a day keeps doctor away.



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