This will make you grow: Super sets for super results. Try this workout!

We want THAT body.

We really want!!

But the nature is inexorable.

We don’t get what we want.

We get what we deserve…

Effort = result. We need to work for it to get it. If we don’t deserve, the life won’t get beautiful just because. Body too.

Let’s get back to workout. There are many techniques that work.

Why super sets?

1. Shorter training sessions by reducing rest time.

2. Better blood flow around working areas which means more nutrients, amino acids, hormones go into muscle cells.

3. Higher intensity for the whole body which increases hormones levels and cell response for a stressful workout conditions.

4. Training opposite muscle groups guarantee good development of both sides of the joint, which keeps it in better condition and health.

5. We burn more calories (hurray!) because of higher heart rate peaks during sets.

In a nutshell: super set is when we train muscle groups on the opposite site of body, doing exactly opposite role. Biceps + triceps, upper back + chest, hamstrings + thighs. I like add also rear delts and fronts, but this is intensive for shoulders so be sure that you keep them stable when training (back and down away from ears).

I use them often with my clients when we have only 45 minutes and the goal is to look as good as possible in short session time.

Ready to try? Here we go:


1. 3 sets of walking lunges gradually increasing weights for start

2. 3x 15-12 leg curl + leg extensions

3. 4x stiff dead lift + leg press

4. Single leg calf rise for finish


1. 3 sets pull ups + push ups for preparation

2. 3x 12-10 Flat dumbbell chest press + DB bent row

3. 4x 10-8-20  Incline DB chest press + single arm row (last set high volume)

4. 3x 10 TRX wide row + chest cable fly


1. 3x 15-12 cable tric extension + cable bic curl

2. 4x 12-10 tric french press (skull crushers) + ez bar bic curl

3. 3x 10-8 alternated DB bic curls + triceps push ups


1. 3x 10 DB front rise + 3x 12 rear delt fly

2. 3x 12 DB lateral rise + cable scapula retraction

3. Seated DB overhead press or military press ( I do hand stand push ups 🤸).

Before every workout:

7-10 min cardio warm up (bpm up to 130-140).

Movement preparation, core activation, mobility.

Rolling if needed (stiff, shortened muscles).

Warm up set.

After every workout:

Stretching muscle groups that has been involved.

Stretching muscle groups that you know are stiff. I stretch whole body.

Of course we can add core and other essential to our goals training elements.

Feel free to test it, if you are looking for new ideas, better muscle feeling and results you are after.

Train hard to get what you deserve.


Pawel Zerebiecki

“Successful Bodies for Successful People”






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