5 things you must do EVERYDAY if you have sitting job

casper-nichols-289152-unsplash.jpgFor how long you were able to sit on your butt when you were a kid? Not long I suppose.

In school even during the class we have been moving all around all the time. To talk to mate behind us, swing on a chair, to look through the window, to borrow the pen, because we always haven’t had ours.

Did we have back pain, stiff legs, neck pain? Just sometimes head pain when fell off the chair when it slipped.

For how long you sit now at your desk?

We stick to our chairs like koalas to the branches. Curved spine, shortened muscles, head forward, shoulders rounded, muscles not active, with head overloaded.

If you don’t have lower back pain, rounded shoulders, weak core muscles and stiff hamstrings yet, you will definitely have.

5 things your body needs to stay healthy. Yes, it’s not only stiffness. Your body is slowly being destroyed by sitting in bad position for ages.

If you won’t care about your body now, you will suffer soon.


1. Hamstrings.

In sitting position they are constantly in short, 90 degree position. It’s like doing hamstring curls all day long. Can you touch to the floor leaning forward with blocked knees? No? You should.

Stretch them everyday, (YES, everyday because you sit for too long everyday!). 1 minute of relaxed stretching for each leg will help. ONLY 2 minutes a day can help you prevent future problems with back. When your hammstrings are tight you overload lower back lifting from the floor, even when you play with your kids.

2. Hip flexors.

Same situation. Bend hips means shortened muscles. Natural length is when we stand. Thigh hip flexors are pulling pelvis up which cause wrong position in lower back.

Every body part in our body is connected! Fixing one part, makes others feel better.

3. Chest and shoulders

Whole day with shoulders moved forward makes our back rounded. We need to open the chest to stay up and tall. Simple chest stretch, even opening your arms wide and expanding the chest will help. So spread your wings!


4. Core + glutes

Whole muscle system around your spine. Abs, inner core, obliques, lower back, glutes.

Forget about crunches! It makes your posture even worse! Arm lift plank, superman plank, lower back extensions, side plank, rotations in planks… Many options to choose from.

Glutes have the other chapter. Sitting on butt whole day long, makes that we forgot how to use them. This is base for your lower spine. When I train my clients who sit long hours it takes weeks to months to start to feel glutes tension again. Don’t want to mention size and shape. Squeeze your butt! Learn hip hinge, practice squats, dead lifts and lunges with trainer first.

5. Lower traps.


Muscles between and under your shoulder blades. Can you move your shoulders back and down? Most of people who sit and haven’t been training in the gym (with proper form) can’t use those muscles. The brain just don’t get it how to use them! It’s bit scary.

Working on scapula retraction will make your posture up right, proud and healthy.

Imagine you have tennis ball between your shoulders and you want to squeeze it without lifting shoulders up.

Believe me or not but writing this post for you ( and drinking long black ) for the whole time I’m sitting up right, with pelvis in neutral position and active lower back muscles. I’m sitting straight, like your mum always tought you to do 😉

It took me few weeks to teach my body what position I want to have when sitting. But I did it! Yes, it’s possible to sit up right 😎

But I don’t have back pain, I stretch regularly, I stand up tall and I feel good.

Because when you look good, you feel exactly the same.

Anyone wants to look good and feel awesome??

Stretch your legs and chest, work on your core and butt.

You will live longer, look better, feel better, avoid back and shoulder injuries, people will treat you with respect (who want to make business with shy, curved creatures 😉 )

Need a plan how to work on all those elements? See me in Bondi Junction. I will explain, teach and show you everything you need to know.


Pawel Zerebiecki

Men’s Health and Fitness Coach

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