I must be crazy offering it for so cheap!


You have opportunity to test my well-being, body-shaping system for $15 daily!

It’s a price of a lunch!


Can you afford to invest $15 everyday to improve your:

  • Body shape
  • Fitness level
  • Lose some fat (up to you how much!)
  • Get stronger abs and core
  • Work on your posture (Work sitting? Lower back tension?)
  • Get toned and harder body
  • Feel stronger and more confident
  • Get advanced, deep knowledge how to move forward towards you future body-life goals?


If it sounds good to you, keep reading.


The ONLY thing you need to do is to commit to regular workouts, get things done by yourself, work on your eating habits, show me you can achieve your results in the time we have.


I make this crazy-price offer for those who are hungry to get results! I help you rebuild your image, you help me share the message proving your results!


The value of this 8 week First Class Package is over $2400! Your total cost is $970 for two months of personal fitness care and support.


First visible changes that will motivate you to continue the journey coming in about 2-3 months time. That’s why we fright minimum for 8 strong weeks. Consistency and doing small steps every day, changing habits and working towards the goal will get you there.

It’s not a promise.

It is a fact.

Working on great body is exactly the same like building the business or growing own brand. Hard work, consistency, commitment, effort and time. If all those elements are in place, results will come.


But it’s not going to be easy.

Easy is boring.

The pleasure and fulfillment stand on the other side of comfort zone.

Be ready to make changes.

You have to find time to move.

You have to find strength to chose right food (I’m here to help you!).

You have to be strong enough to say “No” to Friday beers, Saturday party or Sunday barbecue (grilled chicken breast at the seaside? Why not!)

This special offer is for successful people who are ready to act differently.

Focus and athlete approach to get what you really want.

Do you really want to go for it and get what you want?

Are you strong enough mentally to get stronger physically?

Are you ready to make small step every day?

Every day.

Are you ready to see how being consistent and disciplined can change your life?

Are you ready for self development and self improvement?

Do it now if you are ready!

Show to yourself who’s the boss.

Fill up the questionnaire (4 minutes or less).

I will contact you to discuss the details and we are good to go.

Sooner you start, sooner you’ll see the results.


What’s included in the programe:

  • 2 training sessions weekly (50min each) + 1 recovery stretching-rolling session (30min) or 2 longer sessions with full body stretching at the end (65-70min)
  • 2-3 session by your own, because YOU OWN the results. Can be run, swim, tennis, weights, functional circuit, group fitness, long outdoor walk, cycling or 4 minutes Tabata – what you like the most. There is nothing worse than being forced to exercise you don’t enjoy.
  • Diet analysis and recommendation for effective supplements. First step is to analyze your eating habits, then fixing mistakes and improving your nutrition, implementing all changes step by step. We also decide together, what supplements can help you get there faster.
  • Bottle of water + towel at recepction for every our training session

In a nutshell you got 2-3 training sessions together + you train 2-3 times by your own (must be minimum 5 sessions weekly!), eating and supplementation plan (if needed), ongoing online support every time you are not sure what to do, what to eat, how to train.


All this for $15 a day.

Send me your “Why” now.

Tell me why you want it.


Let’s get it started!


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