You must know it if you are training less than 1 year and want build muscles.

Building great body is a dream of many guys. You want to look good, be attractive, get more confidence. Training with weights will build muscles and shape your body. For sure. It’s long run, but definitely worth it. If you are just starting, it’s really important to not make mistakes that stop your progress.
I wanted to share with you a few tips what to do, to be sure that your effort is not wasted and you can train long years without injuries, getting what you fight for.
1. Without warm up you will get injured.
This is a true statement, not a prediction. We overload body with heavy resistance. If your muscles and joints are not ready, they respond with muscle pain, got strained, pulled. EVERY TIME when I talk to guys in my gym, and they have some muscle problems (usually it is shoulder pain or lower back), they don’t warm up or not stretch. Or both. From street to chest press.
Always: 7-10min cardio warm up (run, row, air bike), bit of core movements, shoulder mobility if needed, hips and spine release. Then 1 or 2 warm up sets before putting an effort when pressing heavy. I did my mistakes years ago! Don’t do yours.
2. Without stretching you will get injured.
We want to be strong, look good, and feel great. Being stiff and have muscle disproportions doesn’t fit into the description.

Usually it is overdeveloping shoulders which are pulling forward, so your chest stays hidden between them. It causes shoulders injuries and don’t look good.

I don’t want to mention not training legs. And after few years of consistency you have arms bigger than calves, which looks ridiculous 😉 Whole body needs to be developed together .
3. Slow speed and control.
It is super important for you, on this stage especially, to go slow, feel the range, feel the muscle working, don’t swing and help with other muscles that shouldn’t be used. It is boring but again, it prevents from being injured and gives you faster growth and better shape. Slow moves will give you the power of feeling exactly how each muscle group works and how to target it better. Better muscle feeling simply means more gains in shorter time.
4. Nourish your growing muscles.
The most important thing mentioned in the end. Without eating plan tailored to your goal and training, you won’t build good quality muscles. You won’t. You may bulk up and get bigger but most of it will be fat and glycogen that will disappear if you will want to get rid of fat. You bave to eat A LOT. Lot’s of carbs (50-100) in each meal, lot’s of good fat (10-20g in each meal), lot’s of protein (15-30g in each meal). Of course these are just guidelines. I would need to sit with you and talk about your diet but you need to know that most men who want to gain mass, are just not eating enough! This is their biggest problem that stops hypertrophy. I started from safety advice but eating is same important as lifting. They don’t work separately.

Earlier you get that, more results you gonna see.
I hope these few tips will help you get the body you are after. It sounds so obvious and simple but believe me, we are searching for best training routines online, best supplements, forgetting about basics. Good muscle preparation, great form and focus, proper nutrition. These elements will make a change that you will see fast, if you are consistent and dedicated.
If you find this article interesting, send me a message to book a consultation. I will analyse how you train, what are your restrictions, what you need to focus on to keep moving in right direction. I’m giving you my time and advice which are very valuable, so this is your chance to get professional support and see the results in the mirror.
Book your spot and see how much you can learn in one hour of really good workout.
Tell me about your situation using contact form and I will tell you how I can help.

See you in Bondi!

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