For no-timers: high intensity weight circuits.

Just imagine, you just have finished your work, taking training bag from a car and arriving 5:15pm in your club. Quick change and 5:20 you are ready to go.

5:55pm you take your towel and go for a shower before rush time at 6pm.

Hey, 35minutes? Where was the training? This is enough?

Is your goal to get better shape, lose some fat and get fitter and stronger?

Do you have 35minutes for a training before work, during lunch or after work. Well, you can achieve it training short and intensive. I mean: INTENSIVE.

And no need to spend hours in the gym.

But: Frequently and Consistently.

4-6 times a week. Just put it in your daily work schedule.

But how?

Multi-joint movements with resistance + fast movements for cardio, will do the job.

★ We make muscles stronger and look better, engaging whole muscle system under the load pushing, pulling, twisting, lifting.

★ We push the heart rate moving fast using power moves.

Those techniques applied visely will recruit entire body making it stronger and lifting your heart rate to the roof will cause EPOC effect. You will burn lots of calories during the day because your metabolic rate will be higher many hours after the session.

Sounds good?

Want to try?

Are we booking a training session this week?

Book your test ride at FF Spring St.

Test how fit you are.

See how strong you can get.




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