Hey Lara Andallo’s Fans! Are your bodies ready to stand out?

Special offer for Lara Andallo followers!




Because you are the fan of one of my most committed clients 😀

Because I know, she inspired you, to be better.

Because you want to go further towards your own fitness, personal and lifestyle goals.

Lara has changed her habits and training style following my advice.

Her results are awesome because her commitment and hard work are great!

You can achieve the same.

But are you committed to follow the routine?

Are you dedicated, disciplined and hard-working?

Are you open for changing your eating habits, learn about food that works and workout regularly?

If yes, this is what I can give you, to start your own journey and motivate you to stand out from the crowd:

  1. First complimentary session (Fitness First Spring St):
  • Goal setting
  • Nutrition analysis
  • Assessment of your current training routine
  1. Second training session, depends on your goals:
  • Free weights workout routine, toning the body (this is how Lara started her training!)
  • High intensity functional circuit, burning and shaping + cardio conditioning improvement (great for dancers, performers, athletes)
  • Movement improvement: if needed better mobility, flexibility, core strength to start from, to be able to move further, safe and strong

Special price for Hybrid Training (Personal Training session in the gym + online coaching to stay on track, learn new things, keep eye on diet, being inspired and motivated)!

I am ready to help you!

Are you up for the challenge and being the best?

Send me email through my contact form or directly to businessclasspt@gmail.com

Tell me, why you want to start and what motivates you.


Let’s start now!

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