If you have no time, train like this!

We are busy.

Hell yeah, we are!

Do we need to be strong, fit and healthy?


So how to train, get results, get healthier and have more energy in busy day schedule when the calendar is full?

What those words have in common: F45, HIIT, Tabata, Crossfit, Metabolic, Circuit?





No time for bull s@#t, small talks (because you gasp for air) checking emails or whatever else.

This is for those who are disciplined, focused, thrive for being the best.

This is how real Men workout, when they know what they fight for, between business coffee and business (high protein) lunch.

GOOD, proper warm up for heart, joints, core and whole muscle system: 10-15 min minimum.

Hard lifting, throwing, pushing, pulling: 15-25 minutes. Yes. This is enough!

Cool down and stretching: 5-10 minutes (longer better!)

Hey, that’s it?

45 minutes to be strong, feel good, energize the body, clear mind and be in peak shape?


If you push yourself into your highest heart rate, using entire body with dynamic, basic human movements and resistance around 70%-85% max, you will feel it and see it.

Sometimes it takes few sessions until you get the movements right, but when you see the progress from week to week, you feel more confident in cleans and swings, you can keep your core braced for longer without struggling – you know IT WORKS.

I know it works.

Ready for a session? Are you your own boss, able to invest 45 minutes of your daily life, to make your business life and appearance strong?

  • Upright, proud posture
  • Energetic walk
  • Strong physique
  • Confident body
  • Branded shirt hanging on the chest
  • Next level of well-being and health
  • Longer life and healthier brain (scientifically proven!)
  • Attractive male body when the meetings are private, not business…

I don’t need to even ask if you want it.

This is obvious.

Manager, Boss, Man, Leader, Father, Lover.

They all deserve to have all mentioned above.

No doubt.

This is not for gym beginners!!

But I do not see any obstacles to make you a professional from the beginner. We can start from basics to move you few levels up.

How it works?

First we have a complimentary consultation with movement assessment and you are telling me your goals. We need to check first, how your body moves, so we are sure that you are ready to try.

Health and safety is super important! Circuits are always modified to your possibilities, abilities and goals.

Then you book a trial training session at a special price, so you can challenge yourself and find out, if my service suits your needs. Water and towel is on me. You will need it if you want to be the boss.

Send me the message. Tell me why you want it. I will tell you, how we can do it.

See you in the heart of Bondi Junction, to move your life to next level!


Pawel Zerebiecki

Business Class Personal Training.

“Successful bodies for successful people”



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