I wish I would do it when I started 16 years ago!

Lifting heavy is popular.

Building fitness physiques is on top.

This is what I do for 16 years now. Still love it! Still interested in gains and shape. Less in lifting more kilograms. Lifting more kg’s comes naturally when you are consistent.

How long it takes me to do my workout? From 1,5 h to 2 hours.

Long? Not really. To be in rush is the worst thing we can do training with the weights. When we don’t have too much time to train what we usually do?

We skip warm up!

Or we do kind of warm up swinging the arms for few seconds and maybe one warm up set.

The highway to injuries is wide and open!

Every sportsman, before every competition is preparing his body for the stress, resistance, challenge.

It is like putting on socks before the shoes!

I know many guys  who suffer from smaller or bigger pain, mainly around shoulders and lower back. Have you ever jumped in straight away to bench press, just doing one warm up set before?

Our shoulders are joints with the biggest range of motion and we are overloading them to often. Chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps. In every move shoulders are heaving hard times.

If I took extra 5-8 minutes before my own workouts I wouldn’t have issues I have now with shoulders as well.

We don’t care when it doesn’t hurt. When it hurts is often to late.

Few tips before we load the bars to smash the chest press:

  1. Cardio warm up should take minimum 10 minutes. 5 is too little.
  2. Use equipment when you consciously use and feel arms (ergometer, assault bike, easy bag boxing, skipping, cross trainer).
  3. Do few different plank options: superman plank, side plank, side rotation plank. Holding the plank position is warming up shoulders well.
  4. Add few external and internal rotations with elastic band to switch on rotator muscles that keeps shoulders stable, and strengthen them.

Cardio warm up + movement preparation:  10 min + 10-15 min.

That’s why length of the training goes up. If you focus on putting on muscles and train bodybuilding style you need another 60-80 min on top of it. If you do high intensity circuits or intervals 30-40 min of work load is enough.

Plus 10-15 min of stretching after. Always stretch chest, lats, roll traps.

Take care of your shoulder joints and you will be able to lift heavy and build chest and other muscles whole life long!

Don’t hesitate to book a movement assessment + workout analysis to:

  • find out how your body moves,
  • if you don’t have any movement restrictions that stop you from growing,
  • check if your technique and current training plan suits your goals.

For the reduced price you will get a huge amount of knowledge about your body and you will be sure that your sweat, commitment and hard work are not wasted.

There is nothing worst than training hard and not heaving results because of few small mistakes that give a huge impact on our training, life and health related goals.

Lift heavy. Look good. Feel great!

Paweł ZerebieckiIMG_4381


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