Eat more and train more, instead of eating less.

To get rid of extra energy that is accumulated under your skin you need to eat less, right?

How about eating more and burn it? If concept sounds good, keep reading.

When you eat less these are few problems, you may already know about:

– being hungry

– stress thinking if not ate too much

– evening overeating

– attacking the fridge after few days of eating well

– being good Mon – Fri, destroy everything Fri evening – Sunday

– lack of energy, because of lack of vitamins and macro nutrients

How about eating good, nutritious meals, not being hungry, having energy and seeing strength and shape progress?

Rule number ONE: eat more good stuff.

Good source of protein: lean fish like tuna or wild salmon and other white fish, lean beef (not everyday, 1-2 week), chicken breast, eggs, lean veal, sea food, legumes, nuts (hard to digest, use as a snack, not main protein source), whey protein (Yes, it’s healthy!).

Good source of slow release energy carbohydrates: oats (love them 🖤), rice (basmati, wild, black, red, brown), legumes, 100% rye dark bread, buckwheat, quinoa, sweet potatoes (GI goes up when roasted, I would not add much), vegetables.

Good source of fast energy carbohydrates and vitamins: fresh fruits. Not juice. Whole mixed fruits are ok. Good after hard trainings.

Good source of fats: avocado, olives and olive oil, nuts, wild salmon (breeding salmon, cheapest, is not as good as it looks), eggs (protein and fat about 6g/6g in egg).

You can eat all those products. Use this list as your shopping list. Build your meals from those products. Control fat added to your meals. Yes, no carbs.

If your meal has carbs (roasted salmon + wild rice) add just a bit of fats.

If your meal is fat dense ( scrambled eggs) control portion of carbs (one slice of dark bread).

This is the key. Don’t mix both energy sources in big amounts. Bit of fat (5-10g) with carbohydrates is good because it lowers the speed of releasing glucose to the bloodstream (lower GI of meal), and you need 5g of fat in meal to absorb fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K). But 5g is tea spoon of olive. Soup spoon is 15g…

Rule number TWO: move everyday. 

It speeds up metabolism.

You release good, “happy” hormones when you exercise.

Activation of muscles keeps them stronger and healthier.

Cardiovascular system works way better.

Brain has more oxygen and thinking processes works well.

You are healthier, stronger.

You live longer and protect yourself from hundreads of diseases.

You feel much better.

You don’t have time to exercise everyday?

15min yoga moves at home.

10 minutes of skipping at home.

Jogging for 20 minutes.

Core combination of few planks for 12 minutes in mini circuit.

10 push ups, 10 squats, 10 bicycle crunches 5-8 times.

20min of flow stretching at home in front of tv.

Stationery bike when watching TV.

Fast walk home from work for 30 minutes.

Lunch time training for 30minutes.

Should I continue? 😉

Both, eating and moving often, are habits.  You have to start, do it 30 days in the row, and keep going. Build new neuron paths and strengthen your habits by repeating it everyday.

It’s Worth It!


Don’t eat products which are not on the list. Spices are ok 👌

If you are not sure if you can eat some products, ask me 😊

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Have a delicious day! P_20180619_200345_vHDR_Auto.jpg

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