Is your training really YOURS?

Is your training tailored to your: needs, possibilities, abilities, restrictions, weaknesses and strengths, injury history, job style, preferences, and goal of course?
Or it’s downloaded from popular training website where nobody asked those questions?

I hope you didn’t answer second option.

Lifting weights to gain muscle mass and shape the body is not as simple as it looks like.

After years of training something starts to go wrong. Bad knees, shoulder pain, lower back issues. Gym is an awesome place to change your body, but if we don’t have deep knowledge about it, small mistakes done repetitively for months or years are paying back.
Still so many people when training in gyms are afraid to ask the trainer about the correct form, because they don’t want to “buy anything”.

I have never in my life sold PT session to someone who didn’t want it.

But I always help and show how to train with better form to get best results.

Tailor the workout to your needs. Ask for advice professionals that are happy to help you. clem-onojeghuo-173078-unsplash.jpg

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