Train like a Men’s Fitness Champion!

Only for men who really want to change their silhouette, look great in a branded suit, and without it …

Read carefully: The first such training system that builds strength, improves fitness and burns fat during an hour-long session.

Being in many fitness clubs, either working as a coach or doing my own trainings, I noticed that there are two groups of training people: those who train more, are focused on the exercise, and even during the rest you can see that they are concentrated. Others group are people who during  the breaks  are focused on conversations, facebook, instagram, tv  and everything just not putting in the right amount of effort in training. Guess who will see the effect in a few months…

I absolutely understand that some people treat a visit to the gym as a break from work, a time to actively relax from sitting behind a desk and a moment to talk to their mates. Why not. But then I do not want to hear a word that the program doesn’t work, you don’t see results, fat doesn’t want to burn, these trainings have no sense. Want to see the result, put a little effort into it.

By observing athletes, analysing different training methods, taking part in various training sessions, talking to my friends practicing different styles in different disciplines, I noticed that one method of body sculpting is much better than all the others. What is common feature for crossfit, sports gymnastics, sports aerobics, Bodypump, martial arts training, bodybuilding training during fat burning? The AMOUNT OF EFFORT IN A UNIT OF TIME! These disciplines are intense, the participants move more than they rest, the long parts of a training are interrupted by short breaks. It seems to be so simple. Just move your butt and train!

And here is the place for my training method. Just a few of my clients had the opportunity to try out this training system. They all survived, they improved their condition and they see improvement in overall fitness of the body. The fast pace of training makes that you need to get used to the other way of breathing and conscious working of the core muscles that hold the body in the correct position when breathing is disturbed. Rapid improvement of performance and strength makes it easier to adapt to new training conditions and  then comes the satisfaction from training results. So if you belong to this group that comes to workouts to see the effects and enjoy the visible results, this system is for you.

How it looks? You can find out watching this video:

Yes I’m a fitness coach and I offer my service but don’t worry, it’s just my training session on YouTube, no email registration, no advertisements, just video to watch if you are interested 😊.

Thank you for reading the article and watching the video. I hope we can meet sometime if I can help you achieve what you dreamed of.


Pawel Zerebiecki

“Helping successful people develop successful bodies”


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