This summer will be HOT! Does your body also???

I know, I know, last time preparations and eating bad every day and then struggling in the gym day by day is not the healthiest solution. But we all know that many people will do that and 30-60 days before the holiday they will say: I need to do something!

So let’s do this “something” wise and healthy.

1-2-1 Workout system is what you need to start NOW if you want everybody around you to see the difference in your look. I recommend to train 5-6 days a week but if you want to do it every day it is absolutely fine and healthy.

Best results will be when conducting 60 minutes sessions but 40-45 minutes will still speed up your hot shape. 1-2-1 means 25% of session time is warm up + mobility + movement preparation – 50% HIGH intensity resistance training – 25% stretching.

All phases need to be in place, nothing can be skipped when training like that! When we do 60 min session so you train hard for 30 minutes almost nonstop, sorry but you can’t skip stretching and cool down.

We want to boost your body and push it to the limit in short period of time after good preparation and with good recovery after. Because hard work training phase last for 20-30 min that’s why you can train like this every day (no nervous system overload because of low volume session even when training heavy).

Want to try?

Sign in for a consultation so we can talk and see if you can try this workout! It is not for newbies who have never trained at 150-160 bpm using free weights and functional gear. Some training experience is essential (but you don’t need to be an athlete, don’t get me wrong 😉 )

After a chat when we both decide that you are ready to go, we book the session, fight hard, sweat, shape and tone and after long good stretch you tell me if this is what you are looking for and we can start ASAP to see results this SUMMER!

I was competing in Fitness and Bodybuilding for 4 years and I know what does it mean to commit to the results. If you are really ready to see what you can do and you will give 100% in the gym and eating well I can work for you. If you are looking for shortcuts and easy way to get effortless results, this is not the best deal for you.

Sign in, let’s have a chat and let’s go!

Your Time is now!

Train hard, look good and feel great!

Paweł 1x

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