Sitting job? Strength based functional training is for you!

Sitting position is the worst position for your body you can imagine. Even if you keep spine straight, your hip flexors are shortened as well as hamstrings, blood flow is bad and glutes are destroyed by sitting on them. Even your hormone system is working worse!
If you don’t control your spine and shoulder alignment, it is of course much worse!
So what we can do to feel better, fix the problems, take care of spine health and improve the posture?

You don’t need to look for fancy exercises and magic routines on YouTube.
You don’t even need to go to physio to ask how you should train.

Most powerful and effective routines are based on simple basic human movements that made right way(!) will boost your metabolism, lift your chest up, keep the tension between shoulder blades and activate your whole muscle system.

When I analyze lifestyle of my clients and how they work and live, in my 9 years career as a personal trainer I have never met anybody who won’t benefit from doing dead lifts, squats and proper core work (excluding injured individuals who needs special treatments and these exercises are not good for them).

When you sit you do squat.
When you lift from the floor you do squat or dead lift.

Throwing around colorful kettlebells don’t need to be functional for you. It can, but it needs to be tailored to you, and fit to your lifestyle and work.

I believe that everybody benefit from stronger, healthier body and deserves the knowledge how to exercise properly.

I was learning by my mistakes, when I was a kid who wanted to look better, feel more confident and stand out from being average.

If you have opportunity to speed up your results, avoid injuries by moving healthy way and you can get knowledge that learned once, you will use whole your life, don’t think any longer and learn from those who went through this journey and now are happy to share it with others.

Click “like” if you know you deserve better body and proud physique, that represents your strong character! Your body is your best, real business card that makes the first impression.

Train hard, feel good and look great! 👍

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