Number 1 reason why you workout and you don’t even know it!

Tell me why do you exercise?
What is your goal?
What you want to achieve?
I always ask these question talking to new clients. What do they say? Probably you know it: get rid of the fat, put on some muscles, be fit, to be stronger.
Are these answers really reason why you want to go to the gym day by day, sweat, struggle with the weights, do long cardio sessions?


You don’t want to lose fat.

Who cares about your fat? But if you lose some fat you will be able to buy better clothes, you will be more confident and you will be happy because of it.

How about putting on some muscles?

Really you want to be bigger and have problems buying shirts? Maybe having more muscles and you looking better will make that you feel good when going to the beach? When playing with others volleyball at the beach you will feel proud with bigger chest and six-pack.

Do you want to be stronger? These days we don’t need to lift heavy. Everything is electronic. You work in office and the heaviest object you lift is your cup of extra strong latte.
But maybe when you play around with kids you want to be able to lift them, play footy, help your loved once to move couch, and when you will be able to do this you will feel good. Proud. Happy.

You will feel good.

Feeling good stands behind EVERY reason we exercise.

We feel good when our body looks better.

We feel good when the training is hard and we feel rush of endorphins after.

We feel good when we know we are able to help because we are strong and fit enough to help others.

We feel good when we can take of the clothes and we look amazing, when it comes to situations when we gonna feel really good!… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Feeling good should be your NUMBER 1 motivation to be better, to lift more and to do more!

If you have a bad day you need to remember that after training you will feel way better.


When you have super busy day at work you need to know that 30 min workout makes you feel good. You have more energy after, to come back to what is important.

When you waking up early to go to the gym and “bed gravity” is really strong, you must know, that because you did it and finished your morning workout you will feel twice as good! You will be proud of yourself that you did it and your body will feel awesome.

Is there anything more important in your life than to feel good?

There’s not.

We want to feel amazing, we want to be happy, we want to feel great every day.

Remember, you will feel better when you will achieve what you came here for. Your goal that you’ve told me is just the first step to your better life!

Train hard, look great and feel GOOD ๐Ÿ˜ย ๐Ÿ˜Š

When I ask my clients after the training how do they feel, except for answers: destroyed, exhausted and others similar, they smile and the say they feel great!

“I hate you but I need you” is one of my favourite from last monthย ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you need any help with finding your “WHY” and you need some support with making your life more fulfilling, strong, proud and happy, let me know.

I will be more than happy to help you feel great!ย ๐Ÿ˜


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