3 words you need to remember to build lean muscle


3 words that make your gains visible:

What should you do to make your muscles bigger?
What techniques should you use to finally see gains?
How should you combine the techniques to feel deep tension in the muscles?
How many reps/sets should you do?
I can answer all these questions.
But this is not the point.

The thing is HOW MUCH YOU EAT?

I’ve met so many people in the gym who want to shape their bodies and look good.
So many people training hard and consistently to get confidence, pride, to show the world their effort!
I see many people fail…

3 word that can change your body, results, life.

1. Eat
2. More
3. Carbs

You didn’t expect that, hey?

You try to eat healthy. Salads, veggies, chicken, lots of protein.

And what?



Because you don’t have fuel.

When I was 16 I went to supplement shop to buy something to gain muscles. I wanted to buy protein because muscles are made from protein right? This is what we need to build chest, biceps, wide back, round shoulders.
I remember when the guy in shop told me:

“You won’t build any muscles if you have lot’s of protein but not enough carbohydrates”

If you want to build a wall. Strong, solid wall you need to have bricks (protein) and concrete (carbs).

You can have best team of engineers and high quality bricks but just putting brick on brick is not enough for a strong wall. First big wind will blow it away.

High calorie income and high carb diet based on low GI products will stick these bricks together.

By adding 200g basmati rice daily you can see improvements that you have never seen before.
You don’t believe me?


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