Making You feel great is my ONE and only goal!


I don’t want anything else.

How about you?

Staying active and keep body and mind healthy is what we need now!

Don’t want to go to the crowded gym?

Well, I have a solution for you!

Private training room in Bellevue Hill or Double Bay park if you love the fresh air and views!

There is a lot you can do right now to stay strong and improve your health and fitness.

Stressful job, sitting long hours, busy lifestyle, no time to spend hours cooking food. Today’s lifestyle makes us stressed, our bodies weaker, immune system is getting worse. And now World is fighting too!

We must stay strong!

Because during the work days we move less, carrying stress around the neck, it is so important to find few minutes to move the muscles, stretch, clear the mind and get healthier and stronger to cope with it.

Here are the methods that will benefit you, just tell me what you want:

  • add express 45 min of boosting metabolism circuit to your daily schedule
  • shape arms / tone legs for good look and great self-esteem
  • work slowly and consciously on your core strength and improving posture using yoga and Pilates inspired moves
  • relax body and mind using breathing techniques, move mindfully and breath through it, lifting energy and gaining deep, calm state

Tell me what you want and I’ll tell you how we can do it!


We workout:

In private training room in BELLEVUE HILL and DOUBLE BAY area, Australia, NSW

And Online all over the World

Book your free fitness assessment now! 

Check how strong and healthy you are 😉

Go towards fitness, health and shape you always wanted!

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